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Honda Marine — VTEC


Honda VTEC

  • Honda Technology
  • Solid Reliability
  • True 5yr Warranty
  • Four Stroke Advantage
  • Financing
  • Environmental Commitment

Why Choose Honda Outboard Motors:

For over 50 years we’ve been tireless in applying advanced thinking to our marine engines and
challenging the rest of the industry to keep pace.

We were the first to offer a full line of dependable four-strokes. The only to offer a
non-declining 5-year warranty. The first four-stroke to meet and exceed both EPA
and CARB emission standards. The first to introduce a 225HP four-stroke.

This innovation partnered with our strong dealer network makes it no surprise
that we’ve received the National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI Award
for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction 12 years running.

Honda four-stroke engines run quieter, offer great fuel efficiency, and have low
emissions. So when you’re buying a new boat or repowering your current one,
remember Honda was there from the beginning. Consider the experience that
will take you over the water with quiet, efficient operation and the reliability that
only Honda can deliver.